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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cottage Garden Party

Etsy Cottage is having a garden party and so it's time to show some of what's growing in your gardens.
I don't have much yet, but it's spring in the desert and the plants are coming alive once again with their beauty.
This is a climbing rose and if I remember correctly, her name is Jacob's Ladder. Smells very sweet and I love the orange, yellow and pink blossoms.
After a few days the color changes to this pretty pink. Yes, these are the same roses as the first picture. Amazing huh?

I also have some fresh strawberries beginning. I think I had better go get these and eat them before some critter thinks they are there for them.....:)

Would you like a tangelo? They are very good!!

This is a miniature pomegranate bush. If you look closely, you can see the fruit beginning to form.

Check out the top of the flower, and you will see the beginning of the baby pomegranate.

Do you enjoy the sweet smell of citrus? These blossoms are from a Meyer Lemon Tree. My yard smells like heaven right now.
AZ has many citrus groves and just driving down the streets this time of year, you can smell all the sweetness that nature has to offer.

Do you like tomatoes? I have decided to grow several varieties this year, but this plant is the only one with babies right now.
I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into my yard. I hope you enjoy all the bounty that the Lord and nature have in store for you this spring, whether it's flowers or something wonderful to eat.
Please just click on the badge for the Cottage Garden Party to take you to visit all that are participating in this wonderful venture into spring and gardens.


Sares said...

It's always such a pleasure to see things blooming after a long winter. Seeing things come back to life just makes you feel better! Your roses are beautiful. Have a great week Char!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos ... BUT.... I can't show my garden yet 'cause it is still under half a foot of snow with more to come on Friday!!
UGH ! !

Donnie said...

I love visiting the gardens on your post..So lovely and I can smell the Meyer Lemon tree.

sweet violets said...

That was beautiful Char...I won't be posting anything for at least another month with this snow!!! hugs...cleo

Shirley said...

I enjoyed your pictures and only made me wish that Spring would hurry up. We are still have cold weather and they are predicting more snow. I would love to eat some of your fresh strawberries. They look so yummy. Enjoy the beautiful weather. Your Missouri Friend.

Debbi said...

pack me up a case of the tangelos, and ship it up to rainy Oregon...I need vitamin C as well the vitamin D I am lacking in sunshine!!!

Gretchen said...

I can't wait to plant, even if only in pots, but I too have way too much snow and more on the way! I did enjoy your pictures and their promise of spring!!! Oh wait, it is already spring...maybe I should hope for summer!!!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

It must be wonderful to lie in a place where you can pick lemons right off the trees! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. Love, Linda