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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Oh, where to begin..... For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with roosters. Roosters of all colors and moods. Mean ones, quite ones, and the most noisy roosters of all time. It doesn't matter, I love you!! I guess I should explain that I was born and raised in the city. I never had a chance to own a rooster or to enjoy all the personalities they bring to your life. Maybe that is the mystique they hold for me, the wonderment of it all. Some people hate that they keep you up at all hours of the day and night. I think they lull you to sleep, just like church bells or the sound of a train. To me it's tranquility at it's best. So, for this I thank Barb from Barbs Good Life for throwing this wonderful rooster party. I can't wait to get out and see and the happy little guys that grace other participants homes and yards.
My son bought me the rooster in the first picture. How did he know?? The rooster above was a find at a local design store named "Poppy"s." They look so proud, don't they?!

Rooster lamps, I can't get enough of them. This one is in my kitchen.

The sweet ceramic rooster above is actually a candle holder. The lamp holds a little votive candle and is very pretty when lite.

Over my kitchen sink I have a sign that reads "kiss the cook" and as you can see, there is another cutie pie on the end.

Above my kitchen cabinets sits a couple of the little gems. One on a tin birdhouse and another which is a candle stick. I bought him when we were living in Germany. Made of wood and a favorite.

This wire bird may actually be a chicken, but for the purpose of this post, I made her a him. At least for the time being......is that bad of me??!! Shhhhh, I won't tell her if you don't.

He sits on my kitchen island and I not only love him, but also love the shade. It's chicken wire pattern with roosters every so often. The colors are burgundy and gold......pretty.
Because Pink Saturday is on......Saturday, I went ahead and combined the two parties. I hope you don't mind.
Thank you Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for making this possible. I love to visit the participants and share their pinks. This week was a very hard one for us as our daughter has been in the hospital since last Sunday night. She came home yesterday, Wed and is doing very well. Turns out she has valley fever. At least she was diagnosed and now can mend. Prayers for her are appreciated.
I was able to finish this stocking for my website someplace in thyme and get it listed for this weeks post. If that had not happened, I would have been in trouble this week.
Pretty cameo pink and green fabric, one of my favorites.

A pretty vintage image embossed with some glitter. I also added vintage buttons and lace.

A cut teddy bear hangs from the top along with a bow.

The holidays are not complete without some gingerbread..........

And of course, you have to have bells. Pink ones!!!
Please visit as many participants as possible this week. We all love comments and we love followers too.
My pick for this weeks blog is Say It With Roses. Please visit Jil, she has a beautiful blog.


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Char, such lovely pictures and the lamps have me drooling in my socks. Gorgeous! Each one is prettier than the last!

Thank you so much for joining the Rooster Party this year. Have a wonderful time with your visiting.

Hugs, Barb ♥

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love your roosters! This party is so much fun. I hope you have time to come to my party too!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OMgoodness you do love Roosters. How funny is this post. I know first hand how a rooster can turn and chase you in a heartbeat. lol
I think I have this first rooster of yours but mine is not as colorful as yours. I painted it years ago when I had my ceramic shop
Love your stockings for Christmas..yes with you all having your shops you have to get started now.
These are beautiful

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Char...First, thank you for mentioning me and my blog....I didn't get far last PS as my computer "blew a fuse" you might say. It seems OK now, but it took forever to get all the bad things off of it!

You have an amazing collection of roosters....they look wonderful in among all your things! I have always liked them, too as does my daughter. She has quite a few unusual ones in her kitchen.

I am so sorry Kirsten has Valley Fever. I remember when I was in high school in Tucson it was a scary thing that hit quite a few students...what do they do for it today?

Lisa said...

Great Roosters! They are all really smart! Your stocking is lovely as they all are!
Hugs, Lisa

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Your roosters are gorgeous but I am in love with that stocking! oohhh ahhhh lovely

sweet violets said...

OH Char, what wonderful roosters you have....love the one with the chicken wire lamp shade, that is really beautiful.....also love the roping trim at the top of your cabinets....leave it to me to notice something un-roosterish....hugs...cleo

agypsyangel said...

I do love your roosters, thank you for visiting me too:) I love the pink items too Have a wonderful day, Kim

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Charlotte,

Thank goodness your daughter is back home, I'm so glad she's on the mend. I had Valley Fever, a real bad case, it's miserable. Your stockings are so pretty, I hope you sell them all!


Rebecca said...

Love your Roosties and I love your stocking my talented friend. Thanks for the tips on the hydrangeas!


Anonymous said...

Char...I hope your daughter continues to be getting well. She will be in my prayers for sure,
Love all of your roosters! I was into roosters long before they became popular!! They were every-
where in my kitchen! By the time they "caught on" with other people, I'd tired of them and went on to something else to replace them. But while I used them, I sure loved them!
Your stocking is beautiful...as you know, pink and green combined are my two favorite colors! And I have always loved the Victorian Santa the best!
However, all of the stockings you have shown us that you made lately are gorgeous! I like the one with the girl (angel), too!
You are such a talented lady!
Have a fun weekend xxxxxxx Francy

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Those lamps are wonderful ! well all of your roosters are :))
Char, those stockings are just beautiful ! I don't think they will "hang" around long.


Roberta said...

Hello Char, just love all your pieces in your rooster collection. Amazing seeing everyone's posts for this party and now I'm inspired to find me some fowl play for my "Love Shack". Happy Pink Saturday, fondly, Roberta

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Wonderful roosters!

And I'm crazy about that stocking, the colors are just lovely. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Oh what a delightful visit - both your lovely rooster collectibles including those sweet ceramic roosters AND the fun Christmas goodies! Such a treat! Praying for your daughter. :)

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Thanks for sharing your roosters, hope you've had a roosterific party!

Rose said...

i have an old house Yellow kitchen with roosters. mu hubby wants me to add no more to the kitchen. Love your rooster items. the xmas stocking are beautiful. Rose

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

You sure love roosters! Oh don't worry, I won't tell her. Well, with all the rooster rave in this party, I think she deserve a shining moment too :-)

There again your pretty pretty Christmas stockings. These stockings have really evolved from what I can remember having my own as a little girl :-) Love that cutie patootie gingerbread man! Have to resist biting him LOL

Happy Pink Saturday!


debbie said...


apinkdreamer said...

hi! thanks for sharing your wonderful pink saturday!!!

Jean said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Love your roosters, but especially your stocking. I'm sending well wishes to your daughter too.

Heirlooms For You said...

Char thanks for stopping by. I have been away for awhile but I have taken the time once in a while to drop by etsy cottage style site and your blog. You are doing so many pretty things. Smart girl to be getting Christmas done early. I haven't even thought about it. I hope I don't get caught short. Good to hear from you again! Carol

Sherry from Alabama said...

I love roosters too and yours are the cutest! Happy Pink Saturday!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Char Sweetie...
Happy Pink Saturday and it looks like you have a few roosters for the celebration too. What a beautiful celebration that Barb had over at Bella Vista.

Your stocking is so beautiful. I love the fabrics and ofcourse I love the little gingerbread man. Isn't he a sweet addition? And the little ball on the toe? Love it. You are so talented sweet friend. I love to come and see what you have created for the week. I pray you are feeling better sweetie.

Have a gorgeous Saturday. We are being hit with rain right now. It has been coming down off and on since 6am. The thunder woke me up. What a wonderful surprise.

Many hugs and much love sweetie, Sherry

Rebecca said...

Isn't it great that roosters have been popular so long-I've got several in my kitchen-thanks for sharing!

Susie Jefferson said...

So glad your daughter is on the mend - although I've never heard of valley fever! Sounds nasty....

Love your collection of roosters. There's a discontinued set of Laura Ashley china I always yearned for... yellow roosters - a perfect breakfast set. The month I went to buy them, I found out they had been discontinued the month earlier. Bummer! So I totally empathise with your addiction, lol.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful treasures Thank you for sharing..Happy Pink Saturday!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Char, first my prayers for your daughter to get well very quickly, oh my! Second, beautiful roosters, I am a city girl, too, maybe that IS why we love our roosters?? Third, love the stocking, must head to your shop..I keep waiting for my ship to come in, I would love to get my DIL and my other son's grlfriend beautiful stocking each from your shop..Hopefully I can do that this year.

Have a great day and stop by if you get a chance!


Fun With This and That said...

Your stocking are so pretty .Too pretty to just use at Christmas only.I would have to find a way to use all year . I have been collecting chickens for years too I have them from all over the world Laura Q

Maggie said...

Oh such lovely pictures. love your christmas in august! thanks for your visit today!

Happy PS!
Maggie @
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Gretchen said...

I love your wire 'rooster'. It's so unique.

A Hint of Home said...

Love the colors of your roosters. You have some beautiful lamps.

Jennifer said...

You have the prettiest roosters!!!! Your are my fav!!!


Mary said...

Char, I love the pinks you chose to share with us for Pink Saturday, but I'm really impressed with all those roosters.
I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Julie Marie said...

Hi Char, I LOVE all of your roosters! My kitchen is full of them too, can't get enough! I especially love your little tin birdhouse with the rooster weathervane! I also love seeing all of the natural wood in your home... the all white homes are nice, but I still love how warm and inviting natural woods look... sounds like you are alot like me, cannot pass up a beautiful rooster! xoxo Julie Marie

Carol said...

Hi Char, so nice to meet you! Thanks a bunch for stopping by to look at my roosters. Your roosters are wonderful. I am having great envy for your fabulous lamps! ; )

I'm following you now & look forward to reading all of your posts!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the precious comment on my post! It really made me smile! I love your post AND your blog and am now following you! Looking forward to seeing you around! (I hate that you missed the music I had with the post...chickens clucking to "In the Mood"...lol!)

Barb said...

HI Char,
Thank you for visiting my blog! I love your wire rooster. You have a great blog and now I am headed to etsy to take a look at all your pretties!
Enjoy your day!

Barb said...

Hi Char,
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words about my art work. I love your wire rooster!
I am now headed over to etsy to see all your pretties.
Enjoy your day!

Becky K. said...

Hello Char,

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback on my Rooster and Business posts. I am so happy to meet you!
I noticed your mention of stained glass on the side bar. When I was young we had a neighbor who taught my brother and I to do stained glass. Granted our projects were small and basic but it gave me a wonderful appreciation for the work and talent that goes into it.

I am glad your daughter is home and recovering. I don't think I have ever heard of Valley Fever.

I'll be back to visit again. Looking forward to it.

Becky K.

Sandy said...

Love your lamps, they are just beautiful. Thanks so much for visiting and your wonderful comments. Drop in anytime.

Paula said...

Love your chicken wire in the lampshade. Thanks for stopping by!!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Wonderful roosters. Love that lamp shade that looks like chicken wire. I can see why that candle stick from Germany is a favorite. It's a work of art. Your Christmas stocking is gorgeous. laurie

shannon i olson said...

You have some wonderful roosters!! Cant even decide which one I like best.

DesigningLadyJane said...

Hi Char, I really enjoyed your gorgeous roosters. They do look happy in your home! And Loooove your Victorian stocking.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment, I'm a newer blogger and am so happy to meet up with others.

Maria said...

I am just blown away by the amount of gorgeous Roosters a lot of the bloggers have. Just fabulous.

Lovely xmas stotcking too.

More Entertaining Women said...


Love your lamp and all your little cocka doodle doos. Charming blog! Your Christmas Stocking is also just stunning. (I do love pink and green!) I am sorry you had such a trying week and I am glad your daughter is out of the hospital and mending. I'm not familiar with Valley Fever - but I know it must be a bad thing to contract,poor darling! I will say a prayer for her. Thank you for coming by and for your sweet comment! I'll be back to visit soon.

xinex said...

You have lovely roosters. I am in love with all your lamps, Char. Great job on the stockings!...Christine

andsewon said...

Lovely rooster you have too! I love the lamps!!
Thanks so much for visiting my roosters as well...;-)

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Your roosters are so lovely. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me.

Marlis said...

Love your roosters.. they are exquisite... wow. The lamp with the chicken wire shade is great. Your stocking are beautiful - so well made. thanks for dropping in and leaving such a nice comment.

Rose said...

jumping back to say thanks for your comment on my blog re pets. yesterday i went to a shop and came across atable ronner with roosters.plan to surprise the hubby who thinks i go overboard. Take care Rose

Melissa Miller said...

Your roosters are colorful and very beautiful! Your lamps are some of the prettiest I've seen.

Have a blessed week.
~Melissa :)

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Thanks for stopping by Char....love your roosters especially the one on your counter with the shade that has the look of chicken wire.

KathyB. said...

Rooster lamps, I think I need at least one! I have a lot of roosters, but no rooster lamps, and I like yours very much.

Pink, pink and roosters,what an interesting combination of parties, although I did see a pink rooster at Keetha's blog.

I love your very pretty pink creations and will check out your web site. I hope your daughter is well soon and will offer up a prayer for her~

The French Bear said...

Wonderful roosters and I enjoyed the photos so much...are there really that many different roosters, wow!!!! Hope your daughter is on the mend...I am slowly getting there!
Thanks for the visit, take care!!!
Margaret B

heartfelt living said...

Love your rooster lamps. That is something I would love to have for my kitchen.
Oh and your stockings are just lovely!

Sherry said...

Hi Char,
I am visiting from rooster party. Love your roosters. The white ones are so neat. I love your Cmas sock too. Very pretty. Thanks for stopping by.

Kathy said...

Forgot to mention love the name..mine is never enough thyme!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Sorry for my late arrival to the party...I've been on vacation! I LOVE your rooster collection....and I especially love the Kiss the Cook sign :)


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

You have lots of beautiful roosters! I like the vignettes they are in, as well! The Rooster Party is so much fun to see everybody's roos!!

Beautiful stocking!


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I am still trying to get around to all the rooster parties!! I made it to the "S" blogs now!!! I love your collection of roosters! I love rooster lamps and so want one!!

Annie Joy said...

I'm late for the party, but really enjoyed it anyway! Loved your roosters and have decided that I need a rooster lamp! Annie