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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pink Saturday AND Happy Halloween

Today was a very special day for me. Many AZ bloggers got together for lunch at Gooseberries Tea Room and I was included. This wonderful group of women have participated in a get together luncheon in the past, but this was my first. I met so many warm and friendly faces, and now I can't wait to look up their blogs. I will be adding them to my sidebar and you are invited to visit each and everyone of them. I want to thank Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for making this pinkie day possible for all of us.
The above teacups are from the teahouse. I have never seen a china teaspoon and thought this was so pretty. It matches the cup and saucer. Did you notice the little salt and pepper shakers? So sweet.

Another cup and saucer in blues and greens with a touch of that special color pink!!

Look! A Mini Mouse Angel!! Could Jenna be any cutier?? We were all surprised that she kept her little ears on!

Allie is a pink Cowgirl and a cutie potootie. Please don't grow up too fast.

Being a grand mother is the best title EVER! I love it more than I can ever say. Sweet sisters ready for a special night of BOOS and SCARY WITCHES!! (and of course, the sweets too)
I hope all of you have a wonderful Pink Saturday and a Happy Halloween.


Shirl said...

Hi Char,Happy Pink Saturday. Love your pretty post this week, your granddaughters are adorable. How sweet in their costumes. Teacups are beautiful and I've never seen a china teaspoon either. I'll be sure to check your sidebar for some cute tea blogs. I have not made that candy corn quilt yet but I'll try and find my pattern and post a pic of it for you. A little girl in my classroom today was a candycorn witch. It was the cutest costume I've ever seen. Colors were beautiful!
Have a great weekend!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

NicNacManiac said...

Oh my gosh....these are the cutest little Halloween trick or treaters ever!!
Have a happy Halloween!!
xOxO Nerina :)

Vicki said...

Hello, sweet friend,
I am so glad you were able to meet up with other Arizona bloggers. I know you had a wonderful time visiting with each other. All of your rose covered china pieces are so pretty. I absolutely love the china teaspoon! Jenna and Allie are adorable in their little costumes. I have an Ally, too. Grandchildren are such a blessing. Happy Halloween! Vicki

Lisa T. said...

Oh goodness that spoon is just too cute. BUT lordy could I have that little pink cowgirl? I think I want to be a pink cowgirl for Halloween too!

Just darling babies. There is NOTHING in the world like a little girl.


xinex said...

The teacups are so sweet but the grandkids are even sweeter!...Christinme

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Char!
Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie!
Love your little babies. Don't they just look precious? They will be having a great time tomorrow. Wait til the Little Bit finds out they will put goodies in her bucket.

I had such a wonderful time today. I was thrilled to hug you and meet you in person. I can't wait to get together again. What a GREAT time we all had.

Happy Halloween sweetie. Country love and hugs, Sherry

claudie said...

Hi Char
I used to live in Scottsdale. Never did I know then that I would be blogging my face off today. Wish I would have known all you great AZ ladies. I know I would have loved you all. Lovely post.
Happy PS
Love Claudie

claudie said...

I used to live in Scottsdale. Never would I have guessed that 7 years lady, I would be blogging my face off. I wish we had known each other then. I know we would have been great friends. Nice that you got together.
Lovely post
Happy PS
Love Claudie

Elena said...

Sounds like a lovely time at your lunch get-together. The tea cups are beautiful.

We need to enjoy every moment of our children/grandchildren - they do grow up way too fast.

Have a happy pink saturday & a lovely week.
ciao for now,
Elena :)

Say It With Roses said...

Hi Char...You have two treasures in Jenna and Allie....they are adorable!
The teacups and china spoon are exquisite.....
What fun to meet with your states bloggers.....

Anonymous said...

Adorable little angels!!
Happy Pink Saturday
Happy Halloween!!

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Great post! The tea cups are beautiful. What a fun afternoon that must have been! Your grandaughters are so sweet. They do grow up too fast, so enjoy! My babies are 18 and 13. Still sweet, but growing up too fast!

Regina said...

Love the pink cowboy costume. Beauiurfl post.
Happy PS and enjoy the weekend.

Mollye said...

Oh Char the girls are so cute I could just squeeze them and don't blink your eye because in record time and sadly you know they will indeed be ladies, so savor each moment of grandmommie preciousness. Hugs, Mollye

My Crafty Little Page said...

Oh my gosh those girls are absolutely adorable and thumbs up for the fabulous pink costumes. How wonderful to get together with your blog buddies...we need to do that in Texas. Thanks for sharing those granddaughters! Happy Pink Halloween. xoxo Nancy

JJ said...

Love the pics of the children and I agree, being a grandma is THE BEST.
Happy PS


OMG...love the Gran-babes! How sweet they are!!!!!!
Lucky you...going to blogger tea!
Happy Pink Saturday to you!

Ivy Lane said...

Love those little pink trick or treaters!! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Hallow's Eve!!

Riet said...

What a beautiful little granddaughters you have. I remember the little ones face. So cute with the mickey mouse ears.Then the little cowgirl, both gorgeous.Happy pink Saturday

Ginger said...

I am droooooling. Love your crafts and love the tea things. I am into tea!! I will be back for sure.


stefanie said...

they are just tooooooo cute, hope all of you have a wonderful halloween

caren said...

I love the spoon! I haven't ever seen anything like that before. Your granddaughters are the cutest ever!!! Happy Halloween and Pink Saturday!

Claudia said...

I love that you got to get together with other bloggers! What fun! Your granddaughters couldn't be cuter! Have fun on Halloween and Happy Pink Saturday!

Mary said...

They are really darling. I hope they have a wonderful Halloween. Happy Pink Saturday.

CC said...

Oh my!!! I loved the china, the salt and pepper..but most of all, the china teaspoon. I've never seen one before and this one is gorgeous. Your grandaughters are so sweet in their costumes..and I agree. Grandmother is the best tittle ever.
Happy Pink Saturday and happy Halloween.

suesueb said...

Looks like y'all had fun! Your granddaughters are beautiful-you're right, they are so, so precious to us!! Happy pink week and Halloween!

Catharina Maria said...

Happy Halloween and Pink Saturday!!
Beautiful pink post !
Love from Rini the Netherlands

Bunny said...

What cute munchkins so adorable and you lucky girl having an outing for tea love those cups and spoon. Wish I could have joined you all. Thanks for your sweet comment on my daughters painting. She really enjoyed all the wonderful comments.

Sares said...

Precious girls! It's so fun to see the little ones in their costumes, they get so excited! Happy Pink Saturday and have a great Halloween!

Rita said...

Char, we were all over the state of AZ. during our recent travels. We probably came close to you with out knowing it. Wish I had know I would love to meet you in person.

We did stop to visit with a fellow blogger in Phoenix.

I will certainly keep you in mind if we get that way again. My e-mail is on my profile so e-mail me you city and a contact number and I will put you in my book.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Michelle said...

Char-Adorable little girls in sweet pink, and beautiful china cups and I love your snowman below. Halppy PS and HH.


Lovely tea set! I love that spoon! Your grandaughers are so precious! Yes our wee ones grow up too fast. Happy Pink Saturday!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Char..... Happy Pink Saturday, and Happy Halloween.. I love love those tea cups and saucer's and the tea spoon,, just beautiful... sounds like a really fun time... and your adorable Pink grand babies are so so sweet looking.... I just love being a grandma too,,,, just adore it.... have a great weekend...


Martha's Favorites said...

How fun! I would love to do something like that. Happy Halloween. Please be careful. Blessings, Martha

Cathy said...

Hi Char,

Sounds like you had a lovely day having tea with the girls. I really adore that bone china teaspoon. Believe it or not, I have been looking for them everywhere. I've seen them before. They are lovely.

Happy Halloween,


Anonymous said...

must have been a fab tea hop and a fab get together the children look so cute hope you had a fab day and a great halloween

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What adorable little sisters! They are absolutely PRECIOUS. I'm sure you treasure every moment with these two darlings! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope your weekend is wonderful...Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

ahhh..how adorable!...sweet granddaughters!
thanks for stopping by!

Lisa said...

Oh your pinkies are just lovely!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Happy Halloween!
Hugs, Lisa

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful! What fun! Happy Halloween!


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Beautiful tea cups and darling cowgirls. Happy pink Saturday & happy Halloween.

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Char,
I love your Pink Post! Your grandgirls are just grand!!! What cutie pies! I have an Anna Marie who is four. You are right about being a grandmother...it's the best! Thanks for visiting today and Happy Halloween on this Pink Saturday!
Unshelved Words

Susie Jefferson said...

Adorable little girls, and adorable china. So pretty! This week my post isn't pink at all (although it may be a little red in tooth and claw...)

Happy Halloween and Spooky Pink Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Char~your tea outting sounds so fun. Wish I could have joined you (I'm in So Cal though). The tea cups and spoon and s&p are soooo sweet. Love those sweet little granddaughters all ready for trick-or-treating,too :)

Happy Pink Saturday!

SmilingSally said...

You have two darling granddaughters, Char. Happy Pink Saturday.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh Char - your grand daughters are so cute in their Halloween costumes! E had so many trick or treat visitors today..it was fun!

I never saw a china teaspoon either. Sounds like a wonderful get together of AZ bloggers! Wish I could do the same here.

Happy Halloween! Happy Pink Saturday!

Queen of Dreamsz said...


Happy PiNk Saturday and Halloween! How fun that must have been to attend the tea with so many new faces....and the fact that they have blogs just puts icing on the teacake..hehe

Your two granddaughters are just adorable!!! I know they will acquire a lot of treats....dare anyone play a trick on them! :0)

Thanks so much for stopping by..I always love reading your kind comments. And yes, all of the artisans in the Smokies is part of the reason we wanted to retire here plus the fact that Tennessee is my home state. I look forward to meeting some of them once I get my studio in motion again.

I'm glad to finally quit traveling. I'm content to stay right here in my mountains. :0)

Scatter Bliss,

Suzie Button said...

How wonderful that you met your blog friends, it IS neat to meet people whose blogs you can now frequent! Your grandbabies are adorable, and I agree, being a Grammie IS the BEST ever! Suzie

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Char!

First off your granddaughters are major cuties!!

Love your teacups! I have seen the teaspoons but, rarely!

Have a great day!

Tricia said...

What beautiful teacups and lucky you to get to meet with some fellow bloggers for tea. But more importantly, even than that, is the opportunity to be a grandma. I'm looking forward to that someday - though not there yet. I really enjoyed looking at your blog today. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

Hope you had a wonderful Pink Halloween Saturday!


sherri@lavenderfields said...

Your Granddaughters are too cute! I hope they are having a fun night! Glad you had a fun time with fellow bloggers. You must have been inspired just by being together! I have never seen a china tea spoon either! It is so pretty. Hope you are having a great weekend! Happy Ps and Halloween too: )

Mimi said...

The first thing my daughter asked after did I have fun at the luncheon was did you talk your friends ears off!!!!! I said well not so much at the luncheon as I did on the car ride over!!!!!Haha, she knows me well!!!Thank you so much for driving to our very fun luncheon!!!! Was it not just a blast!!! A blast for 17 women mostly older then 45!!!!!
I think we had alot of fun and we all acted like old friends!!!!
Hope you had fun with those sweet little angels of yours!!!!Happy Halloween!!!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

How adorable! Your little darlins are just too cute for words.


Anonymous said...

Hello Charlotte,

Aaawwwww those little girls are so cute in their costume. It must have been all treats in the house and no tricks :-) They are precious and I can see why you love being a grandma.

The tea set is is pretty. SO dainty too, right to the very spoon you used. It makes you real extra special using the spoon (or I think I feel like it) LOL They remind me of Celeste's handpainted spoons. And then you get to meet new friends (now that is one highlight to the party)


(Love the candy corn fields! How I wish I could visit such a place!)

Elizabeth said...

I've never seen a china spoon, either. Your granddaughters are so cute!

melissa said...

Awwww...your granddaughters are just precious in their pink costumes!
Pretty tea cups too!

Dru said...

Ohhhhh, sounds like such a wonderful time! Everything is just lovely, and the teaspoon is so pretty - I don't think I've seen one before either. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying Hi. My husband and I had some out of town business to attend to yesterday,so I'm playing a little bit of catch up today. Happy Pink Saturday to you!

Jenny S said...

What a great pink post! I had never seen china spoons either. Very neat! Happy Halloween Grandma!! hehehe!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

So cute. I bet it is the best "job" being grandma to those girls.

Saw your pumpkin dishes. What a great mom! And, what a lucky "find".

I'm redecorating and cleaning out and moving furniture around for the holidays. I bet I find lots, too.

Happy Pink Saturday, my lucky to meet area bloggers in such a wonderful tea room friend!

Dogmom Diva said...

Loved seeing your grandbabies, Char, what a blessing!
How fun to get togehter with other bloggers, I would love to get together with some but not sure how to find any around me:(..I would love to go to BlogHer next summer, too.

Have a great day

Dogmom Diva said...

Char, here is a link to BlogHer, its a conference for bloggers..

it would be so much fun to go next summer, it's in NYC and I have never been there either! Would be wonderful to meet up there!

Jillian said...

Oh they are cuties! And how I wish some bloggers would get together in PA!

Your china is lovely.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

such cutie girls! and your china just lovely.. Happy PS!

Sarah said...

These are the cutest little girls! I hope they had a terrific Halloween last night. I don't have children so no grandchildren, so I'm envious of all you grandmothers out there. Enjoy! ~ Sarah

Debbi said...

OMG they are soooo cute Char! The china is pretty darnd cute too!

Anne Fannie said...

What cute little grandchildren all dressed up in their Halloween costumes!
The teacups are beautiful!
Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

boliyou said...

How precious your little pink trick or treaters are! And I just love the little teacups, too!

vickie said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Wonderful pinks,especially the darling cowgirl and mouse!

april o. @ the artchics said...

Love the teacups. Don't blink or the little ones will be big ones. Trust me my little one is now 11! Happy Pink Saturday!! Thanks for visiting me!

Our Back Porch said...

How PRECIOUS are they!! I'm running a bit late on my visiting this week. YES, You are the one for my award. Come by and pick it up when you get a chance!! :)

Have a beautiful week.

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh Char!
Your grandbabies! ADORABLE. I'm so looking forward to and hoping that someday I'll get to experience the pure joy of being a grandmother.

How FUN to get to meet other bloggers in your area! And I loved, loved, loved that little china teaspoon. Have never seen such a treasure but you can be sure my eyes will be peeled for one in the future!

Belated PS greetings...the weekend went crazy and I'm still making my rounds.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Char, I am way late but I wanted to wish you a Happy Pink Saturday. How wonderful you got to get together with other bloggers. I would love that but I have never met a Virginia blogger. Maybe in time. xo Lynn