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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We were at California adventures and it was totally decorated for Halloween. Candycorn was everywhere and was a sweet tooths paradise. Candy anyone??
How about the Golden Gate bridge with candycorn strung across it.....sounds good to me!

I would love to travel down the roads of rural America and see candycorn growing on farms....yumO

A walk in the desert and look was is growing in place of flowers....amazing.

Somebody help me, I can't believe what I see!!! These are like Lay's potato chips, you can't eat just one. I also love the orange mini pumpkins you can buy now, but unlike the pumpkins, you can find candycorn all year long. How lucky are we??

I bet you didn't know that candycorn grows on corn stalks did you??!!

See? I told you.
It grows in fields too.

And on trees......
I wonder what nursery carries these plants, I want some.

Yep, it's a magical place, that's for sure.


Lisa T. said...

Ooooh candy corn...I like the little white tips the best. I DO NOT like when they have brown stripes on them. That's just not right I say, just not right.


Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Char, your post is too funny!!! I've loved candy corn since the first time I went trick or treating! Next time someone ask me what is candy corn...I'm sending them to this post! lol!


Anonymous said...

Hummmmm.... and here all this time I thought it was a candy!!
Love the pics!!

Mollye said...

Oh This is wonderful! Cancy Corn has always been my daughter Shari's fave even over Lady Godiva chocolates. I know the girl has a serious mental problem!!!!!!!!!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

How cute! I've just about eaten all my candy corn up. Thank goodness! Don't need any more pounds.

Debbi said...

LOL Char, if Jim went there he would have to get a bag of candy corn to eat asap--he would have gone nuts without them--it is his fave candy hands down!

gail said...

Hi Char!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love hearing from you! Wow, I love the candy corn everywhere. That is so cute! They know how to do everything right there. Thats for sure. I am glad its starting to maybe cool down a little here :)

I also entered you in my give away,, Good luck! (()) gail

A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Oh my goodness Char, Candy Corn heaven indeed, I would have easten so much I would have been sick......

Mary said...

Char, oh, you are so funny today! I love candy corn, so I totally relate...I can polish off a bag in less than 60 seconds! Where did you get those pictures??? Too cute, just too cute!!!

Thanks for your comment on my post today about Larry Burkett's book...yep, very scary times...we have to put our lives in God's hands...even though the government thinks THEY are God, we know better!


Mimi said...

HI Char!!!!
Oh you know I love Calif Disney!!!!!
I will be there in Dec.!!!! And it will be dressed for the holidays again!!!!!
That was so cute!!!! I too love Candy corn!!!!!
They sure do it up fun and big don't they!!!!
see you in 1 week!!!!

Vicki said...

Okay, now I have to go and get some candy corn! Not that I really need an excuse! Very cute post, Char. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and terrific weekend. Blessings to you, sweet friend! Vicki


What fun! I love candy corn. It is probably a good thing that it doesn't grow on trees and such. ha!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, Char! If you know what a sweet tooth I have, I would have thought I died and went to Heaven here!!! (0; Have a great weekend! ~tina

Dolly said...

How cute!!!!