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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


After our son was born, 36 years ago (was it really THAT long ago??!!) I decided to make him a special stocking using a kit from Bucilla. All these years later, I still have it.
I can remember thinking it was a lot of work and worth every minute, every stitch, sequin, bead and thread.

The same can be said for our daughter when she was born. Looking back, lots of love went into creating these beautiful stockings, keeping them all these years and loving them as I do.
I think maybe it's time to finally pass them on to their rightful owners.

While shopping in Hobby Lobby about three years ago, YIKES! I am almost embarrassed to admit that it has taken me this long to complete something so dear for someone I treasure so much, but that is the sad fact. I came across Bucilla pattern stocking kits. Having four grandchildren to love and adore, the idea hit me hard to buy them, make them and pass them on.
I thought, no trouble, I will start with the oldest grandchild and work my way down.
I had no idea it would take me years to finish my first one. I know I have to do much better on the rest, or they will never be finished while my treasures are young.
Allie, who was four at the time was the first stocking I worked on.
This is the pattern I choose for her:
I saw all the sweetness, cupcakes, goodies, pies and cakes and just knew it was her. Little did I know or realize at the time, all the work that would be involved. Being ever the optimist, I really thought, "what a breeze!" WHAAAAT????

This is the placement directions, the actual word directions were too small to share with you. I usually mark the directions with a yellow marker once I have completed the work, so it's very hard to photograph.

This is the finished stocking, full of so much love, and certainly living up to the name sweet.

So many tiny pieces, sequins, beads and handwork. If given the choice, I would certainly do it all over again.
It was worth every minute, hour, day, or should I say year? HA

What little girl wouldn't love candy canes and gingerbread men?

I used a little wooden gingerbread man for Allie's name tag on this stocking. I also placed the year on the back.

Since making this little goodie and purchasing the four, I now have been blessed with a new grandson. Life is so good.
I think I had better get busy, I have lots of sewing to do.

Allie on the left, Jenna and baby Reid. I do have to admit, Reid is now 8 months old. Where or where does my time go??!!