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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Trip To A Cactus Farm And Pink Saturday Too

One day my mom and I decided to take a trip to a 10,000 acre cactus farm in Tucson, AZ. If you are looking for a specific cactus for your garden, a farm is the best place to find everything. Many cacti are protected and those types of plants can only be found at licensed nurseries.
I knew this was going to be fun the minute we pulled into the parking lot. The first thing I saw was this gorgeous plant from Africa. It's ten years old and had a price tag of $400.00 on it. Notice the root system? Not much there, but oh were the blooms beautiful.

Next, we headed for the newest greenhouses to have a look inside.
So much to choose from, so much to see.

You are so cute, what to come home with me? You would add lots of color to my yard!

The temperature was in the 100's the day we visited, so we walked around a little but the sales help drives you around in a golf cart from greenhouse to greenhouse.

There are so many varieties, sizes and types to choose from.

When the cactus are propagated, they are cut on an angle so that the moisture or water does not sit on the flesh and cause rot. The piece that was cut off is left in the open until the fleshy part is dry, then it's planted in a special soil made for growing cactus. Lots of sand, rock  and a rich soil.

I am going to end right here, this is to be continued, but there is only so much one person can take in one blog post!! HA! I have a few more pictures and some lovely Mexican style pots to share, but I will wait and put that post up later this week. I hope you have enjoyed your tour through a cactus farm with me.
Thanks so much sweet Beverly from How Sweet The Sound, for putting this week and every week together for us pinkie bloggers.
If you would like to join Pink Saturday, or have a look at what other bloggers have put together for you, please visit Beverly's blog HERE.

Friday, July 22, 2011

~Pink Saturday~~And~~Missed Opportunities~

Can you guess by this picture, where we are?

How about this one? Are you getting closer?
Beautiful pink flamingos, there's even one showing his lovely wings and feathers to us.

I know this will give it away! Three lovely and precious grand babies on a camel ride. Sorry camel, I cut your nose off!!

If you guessed the zoo, you are spot on. But wait, snow in the middle of July!? AND in Phoenix? Surely you must be kidding.
The mere cat in the above picture is loving it. He's happy, cool and calm.

And how about this furry little, I  mean big guy? He has a cool treat and looks happy to me.

I wonder if he has any idea how gorgeous he is?

It was a snow celebration at the zoo Sat. July 16th and tons of snow were brought in for the children to enjoy and all the animals too. There was snow to play in, snow to eat and frozen treats for all.

There was four huge piles of snow at the entrance to the zoo so the children could throw snow balls and games were played.
This was from 7 a.m until 11 a.m. As you can imagine with temperatures in the 100's, the snow would not last long, but it was long enough to have some fun with.

Icy treats for all, would you like yours with fresh carrots?

If there is no snow, how about some sprinklers for some wet fun?

This African black bear had a large ice block with yum.......frozen salmon inside!! Now, that's what I call a treat!!!

Some of us prefer our own treats, like popcorn, soda, juice etc. That is how Jack is keeping cool, or maybe you would prefer this next way to keep the sun off.....
That might work Jack, but I think I would prefer this system more,

The good ole misting system......Yippee!!
We had a wonderful time at the zoo and had a sleep over the night before. It was FUN.
Now, if you are wondering about the missed opportunity, it was being about to meet one of our blogging sisters, Marydon of Blushing Rose.
Marydon was in AZ to surprise Sherry of Country Wings In Phoenix. Everyone was meeting for lunch, but sadly I was unable to attend. My heart was in two places at once, but believe me when I say, I will be there for the next good time!! Sorry Sherry and sorry Marydon. I know you had a perfect time together.
Now, if I didn't show you enough pink from the above pictures, here is a little of what I have been working on this past week.

These are just a few that have been added to my website or my etsy shop. Pink, just like I promised.
Thank you so much Ms. Beverly for all you do for us each week. You can find all of this weeks participants on Beverly's blog, how sweet the sound. Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011

I am very excited to be once again sharing our creative spaces with one another. With that being said, lets get started:

I have been asked many times, "what's your style?"

This is a question I have given much thought to. When I visit  bloggie friends, I see very composed, beautiful, and  gorgeous,  well put together rooms. There are rooms that are all white, and I mean everything is white, AND very beautiful. I have asked myself, why can't I be more like that?! The answer is always the same, it's not me. So I ask myself over and over, who is "me"?

Not always tidy, and yes, there are some plastic containers that can't be hiden, but it's where I work and work everyday.

I think in order to understand that question, you have to understand where I come from.
I have been married 39 years next month to my beloved. My husband dedicated 30 years of his life to the Air Force and to his country. During that time, we traveled the world and moved every two to three years.
Along the way, I picked up things that reminded me of a certain place or a certain time in our lives.
I am surrounded by our history together. THAT is what makes me, me.

A wonderful example of that is this rug and table. Many years ago, my mother in law gave me this handwoven Persia rug. It was given to her by her sister when she visited a King in Asia. The table that sits atop the rug was bought by my husband and I on a trip to my favorite country, Holland. We had left our two children at home in Germany and drove up to Holland for a couple of days. One evening we decided to take a stroll and came upon a father and son shop of furniture makers. Nothing so special about this table, made of pine and not at all fancy, it was love at first site. I couldn't part with it and certainly would never paint it. When I work on this table, or look at it, it reminds me of the time we spent together. It's a treasure of the heart.

Yep, treasures of the heart pretty much sums up my life and all that is around me. Like my husbands baby clothes hanging off the cabinet above. Those are also his baby shoes. Memories like these can't be bought, and I love to share my life with them.

My husbands ancestry is Norwegian and mine is Swedish, so when we lived in VA, I took a painting class on Scandinavian painting. This is a wooden box from that class.

Three hand painted stacking dolls from our trip to Moscow.

This is very old and hard to tell it's lavender, but it was given to me by a basket weaver when I was participating in basket swaps. I love it and wish I knew how to make one. I think I will give it another try, it's harder than it looks. : )

A cute bird and two topierys sit atop a vintage buffet I bought at an auction house in Maryland.

I keep my vintage images in this Coats and Clark box.

More loved baby shoes that belonged to my husband and also his brother. A handmade glass frog (long story I will share at another time) given to me by a best friend. A pretty teacup and saucer from Francie of the scented cottage,  a hand painted plate on a stand from Germany and a pretty candle.

A mini cross-stitched quilt that I made years ago, a teapot and stand from Poland, a teacup I can't part with, crystal from Germany along with a handmade frame given to me during a swap and a candle. Like I mentioned before, treasures of the heart.

The child in me is very much alive and so it's fitting for anyone that knows me to see something like this toy on my desk.

A vintage soap holder used for business cards.

Another cross-stitch piece from long ago holds crochet work I plan to use in my projects.

A few of my wooden smokers from Germany.

A loom made for me in Turkey.

Vintage keys that used to be my fathers.

Villeroy and Bach canisters, great for holding all types of things.

Glass jars, my favorites, wonderful lavender, buttons, bears and flowers.

Can you ever have too much stuff?

Or too many pretty boxes?

This Belgium shelf holds a pair of Russian dolls from the Russian flea market, a Russian Metal Tray from the same market, a German clock and hanging off the side, a kitchen witch from Prague.

One of my hand woven baskets, this happens to be a fav. Remember when basket garters were the rage? Yep, I still have this one with little ginger bread men, love it.

This is where I wrap up your pretties. It's a maple table with three chairs that once belonged to my father and mother in law. A cherished piece for sure.

I love company, this seats taken, but this seat is not.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and seeing where I create. It's been my pleasure to show you around.
Thank you so much  Karen for once again putting together a wonderful group. You can find the participants of Where Bloggers Create 2011 on Karen's blog, My Desert Cottage.
The next time someone asks me what my style is, I will simple say, "Heines 57 straight from the heart." HA!
I am also linking this week to Pink Saturday. Beverly from How Sweet The Sound works hard each week to bring us all together, and I thank you Ms. Bev.