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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lets Take A Walk

This morning bright and early, before the sun was warm I decided to take a stroll through my backyard garden. I was amazed at what was blooming. Please come along with me and lets stroll together.
This is one of my favorite tree roses. It's yellow blooms are large and fragrant.

I wish you could smell the sweet scent of this beautiful rose.

In amongst my roses, you will find precious angels, like this kneeling angel.

Jacobs Ladder climbing rose.

So many lovely roses can be very humbling. There beauty is unmatched in my garden right now. I have to make sure to enjoy each and everyone before the heat of the summer arrives. Not a hard thing to do.

Honey perfume, sweet as honey and smells like heaven.

The grass was watered and I was able to catch the drops. I love that effect.

I hope you have enjoyed our walk together. Please come back soon, we will do it again shortly.


Connie said...

I never, ever tire of seeing roses in a garden. Ours aren't blooming yet though. Soon, perhaps. I think I'll buy a new rose bush or two this year also, chickee.


A Rose Without A Thorn said...

Hello Dear Char, I so loved seeing the beautiful roses it was a true touch of spring. Here in South Florida roses do not do well. I don't have soil I have sand, because of that I really enjoy looking at some special blooms. Take care my dear friend, I thank you for being one of my blogging friends. Blessings always, Maureen.

sweet violets said...

Oh Char, that was wonderful!!! I hope you have large bouquets in the house too!!! Such a joy to see.....hugs...cleo

Mimi said...

WE are lucky to get to enjoy these beautiful flowers almost yearly. The Bitter heat can dry them up a bit, but does not kill them!!!
I love that you caught the water drops!!!I loved that!!!

Debbi said...

wow, I am soooo drooling! Thanks for the peek in your garden Char!

Kathy said...

Hello Char,
Your roses are wonderful! My Honey Perfume hasn't bloomed yet - can't wait - hope you have a marvelous week,

Simply Debbie said...

Hello Dear Char,
Stunning Roses...the pictures are so pretty I can almost smell them. I think Angels are just meant to be in the rose garden.
I loved the pictures of your vacation, so far...stunning flowers. Did you go scuba diving?
Pastor Wade Burleson of the biggest baptist church here in our town went on a cruise with his family about 2 months ago and they stopped at cancaun...Pastor Wade and his family rented a jeep for the day...about 30 minutes later he hit 2 motorcycles who came out of no where....they took them both away in ambulances and he ended up spending the night in a dark hole prison chained to a dangerous criminal. His wife and 2 other children went on with the cruise ship and his son beau refused to leave him....a long story short...they had to contact the church that their pastor was in jail...they had to raise 10,000.00 to pay fines and WAGES MISSED BY THE 2 GUYS HE HIT.......they found out that these 2 motorcycle guys had been HIT 4 TIMES BY AMERICANS....They think they are notified when someone rents a jeep that appears to have money....it is very sad, what he endured related to a scam to make money....the article was placed in papers all over the world so people would be aware.
I'm glad you had a wonderful time on your trip.
hugs to you sweet friend
have a sugar sweet day
simply debbie

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Just beautiful...and I do wish I could smell them. Some day I hope to have some in my garden until then than you for sharing !