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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Saturday With My Grand Daughter

I spent a wonderful day with my grand daughter Jenna. We went out shopping and for lunch. Here we are buying her some shoes.....

Aren't these just the cutest shoes you have ever seen??!! They never had shoes like this when I was a child, nor did they have them when my children were small.

How about some ice-cream for dessert, yep, that's a great idea.
Thank you Jenna for hanging out with me today. I had a perfect day.
Thank you Beverly from How Sweet The Sound for making another beautiful Pink Saturday possible.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Adorable! Both Jenna and those fab shoes-enjoy:@)

Grace said...

Oh what a cutie your Grandaughter is!! I love her glittery Pink shoes...hmm do you think they will have them in a huge foot size for ME? lol Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Seriously...those really ARE the cutest shoes I've ever seen!!

Happy Pink Saturday :O)


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

What a wonderful way to spend your day...with that sweetheart grandgal. Gosh she is sooooo cute and I'd love to have a pair of those Pink Glittery Shoes. Happy Pink Saturday!

Michelle said...

Char, How wonderful to spend the day with such a sweetie, and those shoes, wow, they are just the prettiest pinks ever. She will feel so special wearing them. Happy PS.

Connie said...

Char, that little munchkin is adorable, honey. Aren't grands and great-grands just sooooo much fun? Mine are.

Denise@alloverroses said...

Char, your granddaughter is just precious! It sounds like you had a terrific time. She is going to look pretty cute in those new shoes. Happy Pink Saturday!

Mari said...



Atelier de Charo said...

So cute is she!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Dena E's Blog said...

What a Precious Granddaughter too.
I'll miss mine this Monday. Her Mom and Dad have off next week so she'll not need us to pick her up from school. And we just bought her some PINK jelly beans too.
Guess I'll have to gobble a few while I wait for time to pass.
LOVE the glitter btw!!!
Soooo very BEAUTIFUL.. A delight to stop by for a visit too Sweetie~~~ Thanks for sharing YOU with us...
Blessings from our Awesome LORD above~~Prayers and Hugs Dena

sweet violets said...

What a cutie pie....lucky grandma.....and I WANT those shoes!! Whaddaya mean my feet are too big!!! hugs...cleo

Mimi said...

Are these not the best days ever???
She is soooo adorable, so fun and so cute!!!
I agree about the shoes for kids today, they are so spectacular!!Great choice for sure!!
ANd ice-cream, why yes!!!
I see you were at Johny Rockets, love that place!!
We should plan a double date with our cuties!!

Regina said...

Cute little Jenna and a wonderful grandma.
Love the shoes.
Happy Pink Saturday.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

So you have a Jenna too! And isn't she a cutie! Love those little shoes! Thanks for your visit and for your prayers for my little Jenna-Lynn! Happy Pink Saturday, my friend.


Donnie said...

Jenna is so cute and looks like she and you had a great day.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Char Sweetie...
Oh Jenna is absolutely beautiful. I adore her new little shoes. Aren't they just exquisite? Nope they did not have choices like that when we were little. They were usually black, sometimes navy blue or brown. We usually had black and they went with everything. I thought I was up town one year when my brushed suede actually had a little alligator pattern on the side, a half fan, with red, green and gold colored pieces. I remember those, and this post brought me back a memory. Thank you sweet friend.

I hope you are well. I think of you often, and hope we get to see each other again soon. You are a treasure my friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Shirley said...

Hi Char, Your granddaughter is so precious. I love the pink shoes. I remember dressing our daughter with rubbles on the seat of her shorts. We only had all boy neighborhood when she was growing up. She could be a lady and looked like one too. Grandchildren are so much fun whether boys or girls. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Char, How lucky you get to spend a day with your sweet grand-daughter and those shoes...oh my! I am in the process of making some flutter butterfly Spring t-shirts for my grand-daughters. Hopefully to hurry spring along for them since they live in cold cold Chicago. Happy Pink Saturday. xoxo Lynn

Cindy Adkins said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you and beautiful Jenna!!!

Genie said...

Char...Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. Your site is precious, and that granddaughter is just toooooo cute. I posted a picture of mine on my other blog which is www..climbingthedigitalmountain.blogspot.com for the “weekend portrait” meme. She is going to be 6 in a month and is the apple of my eye aver 6 grandsons. Finally I got my precious Eloise. E. would adore those Keds. That are right up her alley. I need to check into them the next time I go shopping. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Genie

Daniella said...

EEK!! Your granddaughter is gorgeous! And those shoes? I wish they had them in my size! Delightfully adorable!!
Thanks so much for visiting me today!

xinex said...

Oh how fun to be able to hang out with your cute granddaughter, Char. Those are just the cutest shoes, just befitting for the precious little princess.....Christine

Shirl said...

Hello Char, Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment about my sons homecoming! I will be sure to pass it on to my son! Love your post this week, your granddaughter is adorable and I love those little shoes!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Annette said...

OMG your baby girl is adorable! And the shoes are cute too.

NanE said...

Happy PINK Saturday! What a cutie Jenna is and those little shoes are so perfectly perfect sparkly PINK goodness! Have a great weekend, Nan

She'sSewPretty said...

Your grand daughter is adorable! I'll bet you have so much fun with her!
Hope you're still having a fun weekend. We didn't get any snow here. It is a gorgeous sunny day today!

Holly said...

What fun you both had! Aren't girls fun?! I can remember buying my daughter shoes when she was little and how much fun it was! Great post!
Belated Happy Pink Saturday!

Sares said...

She is too cute with her pigtails ans that bow! They do make cuter shoes nowadays and the girl shoes are ALWAYS so much more fun to shop for than the little boy shoes!
Happy Pink and have a wonderful week!

DoanLegacy said...

She is so sweet looking, and a pretty pair of pink shoes!

Jillian said...

She is sooooo adorable! I love those shoes too, I'd even wear them!

amber peterson said...

Thank you Grandma for a wonderful day! I sure love you! Love, Jenna