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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bringing In The New Year~In Cabo!!

Ok, what's to think about??!! Are you kidding me?? Well, I am going with, or without you. Who in their right mind would NOT want to spend a week in Cabo, on the beach, warm weather, sun and gorgeous scenery..........my husband! My loving, adorable, hard working husband of 37 years, that's who.
I suppose I should start at the beginning: my husbands boss offered us a week in Cabo in his villa. Now, to be honest with you, we did this last year as well. (Spoiled you say? You bet ya!) Anyway, this week was to begin the day after Christmas and end New Year's Day. My sweet, loving, adorable husband wasn't too sure the timing was right. WHAT??!!!!! No sand, no beach, no Pacific Ocean.........wah.........but guess what? WE DID GO!!!
Aren't they just too cute, pelicans down in the harbor. We saw them when we took a tour to watch the whales........love these little guys.
This is the villa we called home for a week. It has three bedrooms and four baths,..sooooo, we invited my husband's brother, wife and their son who just returned from Afghanistan. They also went with us last year. Because the flights coming back were so booked, they had to return a day earlier than us..........some people just have a hard life.

The view from our top patio, (we have two) a hot tub with plenty of room for us all.

The downstairs patio has our own private and heated pool. I could get used to this.....

Right off the bedrooms, we swam every morning and last thing before saying goodnight.

Remember the Eagles and the song "Hotel California?" Well, here it is, right in Todos Santos. We went and spent the day in Todos Santos, ate at the hotel and just shopped.

This light fixture is in the lobby of the hotel, I thought it was beautiful.

Altho you could not get in here unless you were a guest, I wanted to take a few pictures of these lovely rooms.

We had lunch here and the food was excellent. I would recommend this to everyone.

We found lots and lots of tourists at the hotel.

I am in love with this fountain and found myself trying to figure out how to make one.

It's so pretty and I wondered if I bought pots and urns, could I put them all together and create something this gorgeous for my yard.
The sun is setting........
Going down.......
We are one happy family, Happy New Year to all, we are so blessed!


Lisa T. said...

Whoa, you go girl! That's so awesome!

And thanks for the heads up on the restaurant, next time I'm over that way I'll be sure to drop by!

Good for you!


Anonymous said...

.....considering what is outside my window I would drag my Hubby kicking & screaming!! LOL!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...


And yes, I am shouting! ,-)

Mary Ann Miller said...

Wonderful. Loved the pictures and really really loved the private pool.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Hey, I'm in love with that fountain too! Heavens, what do you have to do to own a villa in Cabo?

Vicki said...

Wow, Char!! Now that is my idea of a wonderful vacation!! I am so glad you were able to go and have such a fun and relaxing time. I definitely think you could make one of those fountains (you are so creative, I am sure you could figure it out!). Thank you for sharing your beautiful trip with us. Is it cold in Arizona? We are supposed to have below freezing temps here in Central Texas, brrr! for a few days! Much love to you, sweet friend! Vicki

xinex said...

Oh how fun! I am glad your hubby agreed to go. As much as we travel, we have never been there and I would love to see it someday.Breathtaking view!..Christine

Nancy said...

Oh, Char, that looks just wonderful! And, how sweet of you to invite family and your nephew who just returned from Afghanistan. Great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.

Dogmom Diva said...

Wowie, what a lucky gal you were, I love Cabo have only been there briefly while cruising, would love to go down like you did and just soak it in! Thanks for sharing!

Marilyn in NM said...

How beautiful! I'm not much of a traveler but I think I would make the exception for that! So glad you had a good time and that your hubby went with you....lol.
Marilyn in NM


What a beautiful place. Have never been to cabo... st. marteen...twice... we need to broaden our horizans. so nice of you to take your family with you. Blessings.

Ana said...

What a lucky girl you are Char. What a gorgeous place to escape to. So glad you had a wonderful time and that your hubby decided to go after all. Love the sunset pictures...absolutely beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh Wow, the Hotel California looks GREAT. I love the fountains too.

Looks like the ideal place to spend some great time together.

Happy new year!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

The French Bear said...

How delightful!!! So beautiful and that swimming pool, wow!!!
Margaret B

Mimi said...

Well really we all are!!!!
The place was amazing!!!!!
You could invite me next time!!!haHA
I loved that hotel Calif too!!!!We have tentative plans for a cruise to Mexico this fall and it would stop there, so maybe we will go there to that cute hotel!!!!!Now that you are back and unpacked, we shall do lunch!!!!Soon, ok!!!!
Loved your pics, so lovely and fun family times!!!
Congrats to the nephew for serving his country!!

amber peterson said...

Wow, that looks gorgeous! If Dad doesn't ever want to go and you need company, I would jump at the chance to go with you! So glad you went and had a great trip! Love, Amber

Elena said...

Anyone who knows a little about me knows I love sunsets - your pics are lovely. Holidays are good for us & a blessing to be able to have them. It's great you had a fab time.

Wishing you a happy pink saturday Char and a wonderful New Year.

ciao for now,
Elena :)

Summer Gypsy said...

Looks and sounds like paradise!!! I love flamingos and your photo of that cutie is fantastic! Thanks for visiting my pink post and have a blessed week!


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