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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Many Of Something Creates A Collection?

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself how many of something does it take to make a "collection" of something. People have asked me over the years if I collect anything. My children and my husband get a good laugh from that question because the answer, if I were to be completely honest would have to be "I collect EVERYTHING". More of what I collect on another post. My husband is very much to blame for this collection that seems never ending.
It happened years ago when we were out shopping. We both saw these small stained glass table lamps. I like to call them accent lamps. Way too small for reading, just right in size and enough light to accent a small space with gorgeous color. I liked one, he liked another. (of course, isn't that the way it's suppose to be?!) We couldn't decide, so we took BOTH!! I am and was a very happy woman.........that was the birth of this collection of stained glass lamps. It doesn't however, answer the question of how many items does it take to be considered a collection. In my humble opinion, it isn't one......one is just one. It isn't two......two is a set or a pair of something. That brings me to three, what do you think. If you own three of something, is that a collection? I think so. So it begins, we had two lamps, a set or a pair, but we didn't stop there and it continues still today....oh my!
To think these two lamps started a collection that goes on even today.

We couldn't decide between the two lamps, they are small, accent lamps, so we did what most people would do: we took both!!

Soft, pretty opec colors.

This beauty is in my bedroom in the corner. Wow, I love the colors.

This is probably one of my all time favorites, if not, it's at the top of the list.

Many years ago my mother in law gave us a marble top table that had been in her family since she was a child. My husband told me it was begging to have a stained glass lamp sitting on it. He was right and bought this home one night after work. I love it. There is a wonderful story that goes with the marble top table that I will share with you another day.

A close up so you can see all the details and colors. See what I mean, ya just gotta love them.

When we built this home we had these installed in all the hallways. They are from Home Depot, and pack a gorgeous punch when lite.
My husband surprised me one day with this lamp from Homegoods. What a guy!!

Sitting on an antique butcher block table in the kitchen, this brings a corner to life.

This hangs over our breakfast table in the kitchen and adds a bit of color to the room.

Because it is morning, this lamp is hard to see lite up. The colors are so pretty.

About 7 years ago, we were living in Maryland and there used to be a country antique store that we loved to visit. They sold new and old items, lots of goodies to be had. I came across this beautiful desk lamp and bought it for our anniversary. It now sits behind a sofa in the family room. I am sorry that I am not picking up all the rich colors, it is so pretty.

At night the colors are breathtaking.

I am having trouble getting the colors of this gorgeous lamp to show. They are all my favorites, ambers, golds, browns, greens, all fall colors, rich in hues. I hope you can see them.

I can't say where this will end, but I can tell you that there are yet more gorgeous glass lamps to be found, and where there is a spot on a table, or a ceiling from which to hang, I will want more. I just can't help myself. I hope you enjoyed this post. Take some time to think about your collections and maybe you would like to share them all with the rest of us. Think about it.


seanymph said...

I collect everything too! But I do have a small collection of these. I have a torchiere lamp in the living room. A great reproduction grapes lamp in my living room window and a copy of a Tiffany floor lamp in my family room. I even have a candle holder like this. I just know its not the end of the collection but not sure where I would put anymore lol.

blushing rose said...

You love your stained glass as I love my crystal pink & green & crystal colored chandeliers.

The lamps are wonderful ... unique shapes on a couple of them. I so enjoy looking at them. TY for sharing ...
TTFN ~Marydon

Riet said...

Oh wow, I love them all. That is really quite a collection. I didn't count them because with every lamp I thought this must be it and then there were more. Wonderful

Anonymous said...

I have 2 stained glass lamps. I really like them.
I always understood that if you have 3 or more of something that means you have a collection.....
If that is the case.... I collect felines.... I have 3 Boyz!!
ergo..... I have a collection of Cats!! LOL!! LOL!!

Vicki said...

Your husband sounds like a keeper! I don't know how many is in a collection either. If I see something and absolutely love it and can afford it, I buy it. I will always find some place for it in my home. Your lamp collection is beautiful. Have a blessed week. Vicki

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Char, I have a couple of lamps also. I just love them. One of mine has dragonflys on it, the other sort of Mission style like the one of yours. I love color. I have a red kitchen and dining room as I so love cherries, so I love color. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful lamps. They are just beautiful. Where in AZ do you live? We are in NorthWest Phoenix. By the ASU West campus. I am so thrilled that you popped over. I love Phoenix. People have no idea the beauty that hides here. Truly breathtaking sunsets. My favorite time of all. Thanks for sharing honey. Country hugs and love, Sherry

Heirlooms For You said...

Char, Your words are so kind. I love you lamps. I always look at them in the stores but have never bought any. My husband is the same way when he knows I like something he is always getting me one.I like you collect just about everything. I really need to get a grip on it! I guess it's a women thing.No, wait a minuet I just said my husband brings them home to me also. I guess I just love pretty things! Carol

Anonymous said...

They sure are all gorgeous. And to think of how these glass lamps are made - it surely is something to be admired and treasured :-)And good thing your husband is with you on this one LOL


Graceful Rose said...

Char, I love your collection. You know I gave away one of these for one of my give aways not too long ago. They sure are beautiful! I have one but, just one. Ha!

Jennicillin said...

Fun lamps!!

I used to collect miniature tea sets. I still have them all somewhere, but I've moved so many times they've disappeared into the great unknown of boxes in my parents garage lol

Fifi Flowers said...

Pretty lamps... LOVE the teacups in your last post... BEAUTIFUL!!!

amber peterson said...

That is a fun post. Isn't it funny, all the times I've been over and even lived there, I knew you had a few of those pretty lamps, but never realized what the collection you have! :) So fun!