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Monday, August 24, 2009


Last week we went to Colorado to visit my husbands family. We stayed with his mother and her husband. This is what we experienced one evening while sitting on the porch. Can you believe this??? We loved it.
I could watch them all day long.

What beautiful creatures. What a show, they jump the fence in and leave the same way.

As you can see, we were not the only ones enjoying the deer~makes you wonder what they were thinking.


Anonymous said...

I see plenty of white tailed deer muching my gardens..... Think they are beautiful??? NOT MUCH!!
Love the dogs... now they are beautiful!!

Vicki said...

Hello, Char,
It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. It is so important to get away for a while and replenish your spirit. Those deer are beautiful, and the dogs are, too. Thanks for stopping by Bunny Cottage. Have a great week. Vicki

Melody said...

What a view! Outside and in.

Lisa T. said...

The puppies were thinking..."Yum".

We actually had a deer farm open on our road (it only lasted a couple of years.) For the first six months I would holler and point out the deer to the kids. They stopped being excited about two days in...Not much call for a deer farm in Maine, everyone "gets" their own. Kind of like when Red Lobster opened in town. Didn't quite fly!

So glad to see you had a good vacation!


Elyse said...

hi char,

that is really cool! your own nature channel right outside the window!

thanks for sharing.


Brenda said...

I wonder what those dogs were thinking too! Probably something like: I sure would like to get out there and chase those wild creatures off the property!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, ABSOLUTELY Char!.. I COULD watch these beautiful animals ALL DAY! I see and hear busy traffic for the better part of my days, so this would be such a treat! Love the photo of the dogs watching out the window together too!! Beautiful, they are as well!

Mary said...

Your photos of the deer and dogs are priceless! I wonder what the deer are munching on...your plants, perhaps? My sister can't keep a rose petal in her yard for the deer...but they truly are beautiful!