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Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting Back To Basics

Floral design is what I did for about 18 yrs. I haven't worked as a desiger for about 7 yrs and must admit, I haven't missed it. You might wonder how that is possible, seeing as tho I was around beautiful flowers all day, wonderful scents at my fingertips. I must confess, it's very hard work.....standing on your feet for hours at a time, working with your hands. After a while you don't smell anything anymore and you really don't appreciate the flowers like you once used to. It's a job, and therefore becomes......work. But...........

Last year I was vacationing in New Bern, North Carolina when I went into an antique store and saw a lovely hand-painted tea cup and saucer. My first thought was this would make a beautiful topiary, so that is what I did! I have it listed for sale, but it is hard to part with. I think the one thing I learned from creating this is that I need to incorporate some of my floral experience into my cottage home decor designs, and that is just what I am going to do. Please be watching for a little transformation, I have some great ideas coming your way.


amber peterson said...

That looks so pretty! You know how I love any type of topiary!

Diane said...

It's beautiful and a wonderful idea for a tea cup & saucer! ☺

Sheri said...

Wow! I am like the rest--never considered the poor florists on Valentine's Day!

I used to look forward to the little parties in elementary school and decorating my paperbag to attach to the front of the desk. Of course we were required to give Valentine's to everyone. Good thing because I was so shy and didn't make friends easy! Glad I've come out of that. And met so many wonderful bloggers like you!

Beautiful topiary!

The French Bear said...

That's so neat, I was a floral designer for too many years, you are right, don't miss all the hours and holidays we missed by being at the flower store!! I do miss the smell though..... love your faux sugar cookies!!
Margaret B