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Friday, August 5, 2011

Part Two Of The Cactus Garden AND Pink Saturday

This is part two of our tour of the cactus farm. Pots, I love pots, the more color, the better for my yard! This is the view you get upon arrival to the nursery, I am already excited.

See the fruit on the cactus in the background? You can eat that fruit, it's orange inside and very sweet. YumO!

Beautiful shapes and colors. I also like to use these pots inside my home as well as outside.

Before moving to the desert, my knowledge of cacti was zero, it's about a two now. I have found them to be so interesting and they have so much to offer in the way of food and health.

Okay, you may not be the most gorgeous plant on the plant, and many people may think you are ugly, but you are the black swan. When you bloom, you put them on their knees!! HA!

Just you wait, the best is yet to come, and they don't require that much water either.

Oh My, you are beautiful, but don't touch, you'll be sorry........

See? I told you they were beautiful, and just in case you have forgotten,

some look like roses.

and others are just plain beautiful.
Now, if you have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up too, this is what I have been doing:

This is ten of the twenty two stockings I have completed. I am in the process of taking pictures, editing and getting them into my shop Someplace In Thyme. It's going to take me awhile, and I am also making my fall tassels. Please come visit me. THANK YOU Beverly for making it possible for me to do what I love each week, visiting and sharing a love of the color pink. You can join in the fun or visit all the pinkies out there by going to Beverly's blog How Sweet The Sound.


NauticalCottageBlog.com said...

WOW - what fabulous cactus you found and I LOVE all the beautiful planters :O)

Happy Pink Saturday!


ornamentsbypink said...

The flowers on the cactus are beautiful, I didn't know you could get fruit from them. I remember I once bought a few cactus and brought them home and repotted them. I didn't know I shouldn't handle them! Off to the drugstore I went to get something to put on my poor fingers to draw out the little needles that stuck in them.
Your stockings are so pretty!
Have a nice evening!

aprons & Old lace said...

Love those fabulous stockings!!! I be the Princess thinks she will need one of those. :) So pretty.
Happy Pink Saturday...tomorrow.

aprons and Old lace

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

The stockings are beautiful! It will be here before we know it:@)

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

What a great cactus nursery! It does looks hot though and I remember walking around nurseries in the heat there! lol!
Don't you just love those pots from Mexico? They have improved them so much over the years....
I love the little Fish Hook cactus...they have such sweet flowers when they bloom and I always loved the giant Saguaro with her crown of white blossoms...Oh, I am making myself lonesome for the desert! It is nice that you post pictures as I always get happy just looking at them. That state will always be home to me! :)

Good for you with all your stockings! Could you please send some of your energy my way? Please?

Marydon said...

Wish I had seen this cactus nursery,Char. It would have been enjoyable to see/learn more about them. Tony(Sherry's hubby) is quite the knowledgeable person for cactus data.

So love those wonderful stockings. You've been busy.

Happy PS weekend ~

Shirley said...

Hi Char, Thanks for sharing some more of your cactus pictures. They have such pretty blooms. The pottery has really changed over the years. You definitely could us them inside as well as out. My nephew is coming home this next month. His daughter is getting married here because of family and friends more in the area. They have planted some cactus in their back yard plus build a fire pit that they could enjoy on a cool night. They live in a suburb of Phoenix. Have a wonderful weekend. Come join me in my birthday giveaway if you haven't . Your Missouri Friend.

aprons & Old lace said...

Thanks for stopping by. I checked on the flower, Nerine, the kind I have are in the same family. Mine are growing on one single thick stem. Nerines had a lot of blade like leaves in the photos I saw. I could be wrong, though, I have no clue. :) Thanks again.

aprons & Old Lace

Grace said...

Char I finally got to post my fabulous Pink Winnings from your giveaway!! I was having such computer issues but finally done. I love everything you are so talented and such a wonderful friend. Thank you again. Happy Pink Saturday Grace xoox

Cat & Cricket said...

You bring back good memories of my parents place in AZ. Stunning photos and many good wishes for your new shop!

Abramyan Avenue said...

Love those cactus! Someone threw some in my front yard and we just planted them and let them grow!! Haha! Your stockings look beautiful! Can't wait to see your fall tassels. I've been wanting to put some tassels in my house here and there. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Kelee Katillac said...

Love the cactus farm. They are beautiful in their own way...like us!


love, kelee @ www.designgivesback.com

Micupoftea~ said...

Love the cactus, love the stockings! Happy Pink Saturday~

Shabby Cottage Shops said...

Love the cactus and those colored pots are just beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday!

Daniella said...

Now those are cacti!! I have 2 and they are about 4 inches high. I've had them for years!! BUT, they are inside because I live in NJ, and we don't have cacti outside!!!
Your stockings look amazing!! And what do you mean "tassels"? THAT I can't wait to see!!!

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Char, love your post, and I also love pretty pots..us desert people share a love for all things cactus! My nana used to make cactus apple jelly, and it was wonderful..I don't have the right cactus here at home or I would try it..
Have a great week!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness you have been busy 22 Christmas stockings! Wow, only in AZ would there be a 10.000 acre cactus farm. Hey are your ears burning, come see what I did with your 7 Gypsies paper!