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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011

I am very excited to be once again sharing our creative spaces with one another. With that being said, lets get started:

I have been asked many times, "what's your style?"

This is a question I have given much thought to. When I visit  bloggie friends, I see very composed, beautiful, and  gorgeous,  well put together rooms. There are rooms that are all white, and I mean everything is white, AND very beautiful. I have asked myself, why can't I be more like that?! The answer is always the same, it's not me. So I ask myself over and over, who is "me"?

Not always tidy, and yes, there are some plastic containers that can't be hiden, but it's where I work and work everyday.

I think in order to understand that question, you have to understand where I come from.
I have been married 39 years next month to my beloved. My husband dedicated 30 years of his life to the Air Force and to his country. During that time, we traveled the world and moved every two to three years.
Along the way, I picked up things that reminded me of a certain place or a certain time in our lives.
I am surrounded by our history together. THAT is what makes me, me.

A wonderful example of that is this rug and table. Many years ago, my mother in law gave me this handwoven Persia rug. It was given to her by her sister when she visited a King in Asia. The table that sits atop the rug was bought by my husband and I on a trip to my favorite country, Holland. We had left our two children at home in Germany and drove up to Holland for a couple of days. One evening we decided to take a stroll and came upon a father and son shop of furniture makers. Nothing so special about this table, made of pine and not at all fancy, it was love at first site. I couldn't part with it and certainly would never paint it. When I work on this table, or look at it, it reminds me of the time we spent together. It's a treasure of the heart.

Yep, treasures of the heart pretty much sums up my life and all that is around me. Like my husbands baby clothes hanging off the cabinet above. Those are also his baby shoes. Memories like these can't be bought, and I love to share my life with them.

My husbands ancestry is Norwegian and mine is Swedish, so when we lived in VA, I took a painting class on Scandinavian painting. This is a wooden box from that class.

Three hand painted stacking dolls from our trip to Moscow.

This is very old and hard to tell it's lavender, but it was given to me by a basket weaver when I was participating in basket swaps. I love it and wish I knew how to make one. I think I will give it another try, it's harder than it looks. : )

A cute bird and two topierys sit atop a vintage buffet I bought at an auction house in Maryland.

I keep my vintage images in this Coats and Clark box.

More loved baby shoes that belonged to my husband and also his brother. A handmade glass frog (long story I will share at another time) given to me by a best friend. A pretty teacup and saucer from Francie of the scented cottage,  a hand painted plate on a stand from Germany and a pretty candle.

A mini cross-stitched quilt that I made years ago, a teapot and stand from Poland, a teacup I can't part with, crystal from Germany along with a handmade frame given to me during a swap and a candle. Like I mentioned before, treasures of the heart.

The child in me is very much alive and so it's fitting for anyone that knows me to see something like this toy on my desk.

A vintage soap holder used for business cards.

Another cross-stitch piece from long ago holds crochet work I plan to use in my projects.

A few of my wooden smokers from Germany.

A loom made for me in Turkey.

Vintage keys that used to be my fathers.

Villeroy and Bach canisters, great for holding all types of things.

Glass jars, my favorites, wonderful lavender, buttons, bears and flowers.

Can you ever have too much stuff?

Or too many pretty boxes?

This Belgium shelf holds a pair of Russian dolls from the Russian flea market, a Russian Metal Tray from the same market, a German clock and hanging off the side, a kitchen witch from Prague.

One of my hand woven baskets, this happens to be a fav. Remember when basket garters were the rage? Yep, I still have this one with little ginger bread men, love it.

This is where I wrap up your pretties. It's a maple table with three chairs that once belonged to my father and mother in law. A cherished piece for sure.

I love company, this seats taken, but this seat is not.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and seeing where I create. It's been my pleasure to show you around.
Thank you so much  Karen for once again putting together a wonderful group. You can find the participants of Where Bloggers Create 2011 on Karen's blog, My Desert Cottage.
The next time someone asks me what my style is, I will simple say, "Heines 57 straight from the heart." HA!
I am also linking this week to Pink Saturday. Beverly from How Sweet The Sound works hard each week to bring us all together, and I thank you Ms. Bev.


Gretchen said...

I absolutely love your creative space. Like you, I also enjoy having memories surround me when I create. They stimulate my creative juices and it looks like they have the same effect on you. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the rest of us.

Marydon said...

G'morn, Char ~
I love the homey atmosphere of your creating space. All those beautiful treasures surrounding you. I can't think of a more wonderful, cozy space to create in. Those baby shoes I adore ...

Love it, Char.
Have a beautiful weekend & enjoy those darling kid-lings.

Anonymous said...

You create so beautifully because you are surrounded by family memories!! Lovely.....

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Hi Char :) What a wonderful place to create your sweet pretties in, and to be surrounded by special things that mean so much..what better way to get inspired :) And lots of ideas and inspiration for us ladies to use and incorporate into our own spaces ~ Thank you for sharing your special place with us ladies :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Char, Well I think you do a GREAT job of creating. Like yourself, I'm attached to things that have heartstrings and memories. It does make us who we are when we decorate like that too. Recently I did some purging,and the things that were deemed CUT and given away had no heartstrings attached. :) Lovely post! Hope you can drop by to my place to see where I create and a little bit about me. This is my first time with the blogging party with Karen, but I had a blast putting the post together. Ciao for now...

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words!!
I LOVE your Heinz 57 straight from the heart!!
You have such a beautiful collection of wonderful things from different parts of the world and they all hold special meaning to you! It is just fantastic!! These things are what inspire your creative soul and i beleive that we need to gaze upon things that make our hearts sing in order to be creative, don't you?
You have such a lovely space filled with so many treasures of the heart and I truly LOVED touring it!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!


Rebecca said...

Oh Char...I love it that you KNOW WHO YOU ARE! That is all that matters! I loved reading about where you've been and your travels. I adore your vintage Coats and Clark Thread Box (yummeeee) and what I wouldn't give to have one of those. Beautiful. Maybe Someday.

Mostly I love just stopping by and seeing all the beautiful things your hands have created. You are very talented.

Love to you. Thanks for the invite and sharing your studio with us all.

Love to you~


Sassy Marsha said...

I can relate, Char! When I look at others' creative spaces and then I look at mine . . but you are so RIGHT, our spaces are a reflection of who we are!! You are surrounded by so much love and warmth and memories!!!

If I were to visit you, that coats and clark box would be coming home with me hidden in my suitcase, LOL

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by!


sweet violets said...

Char, you did it again.....you wove a beautiful story around your creative space!!! I love all the memories, everything is soooooo charming!!! hugs...cleo

I want that spool box......

Mimi said...

HI CHAR!!!I am so glad I popped over and took a look tonight!!I would have missed this great post!!
I love it all!!
to me they are treasures for sure!!
your travel days are precious everyone of them, I agree about something that reminds you of those moments, you can ever forget. I love them all.
It is your home and your treasures!!!Enjoy them all

Debbi said...

Very nice and ORGANIZED Char. I enjoy seeing how everyone organizes their space. Yours has a place for each type of media you work on from cutting to sewing to painting and mixed media in one room...My studio is all about sewing so when I do anything else its a trek to the dining room...Like I told you before, it would take me a week to get my studio organized, so I had to skip this party:(

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Char..... how very precious... I love the "treasures of the heart".... It's so wonderful that each thing has special memories attached..... What a lovely coffee table, with such a sweet story too..... and your hubby's baby clothes. Your post really touched me....

Have a glorious weekend...


Tamatha said...

It's wonderful that you are surrounded by so many memories while you create! It really puts heart into the room.

Maison Mutt said...

I share your style sense. I like to have memories & inspiration around me. Sometimes, from a design standpoint, these things may not belong together but they make my heart sing...that's all that counts.
Happy PS!
Wags, Niki

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Char,
You are one talented lady and your creative just shows that so clearly.
Memories give such inspiration to create. I can so relate to you.
Wonderful and organized but still hold the vintage treasures that mean so much.
Blessings to you for continued happy creating.
Celestina Marie

gail said...

Hi Char,, I loved visiting your studio and creating space. I am the same way, I keep all the special things from my lifes travels in my space to keep me inspired:) I love all of the beautiful things made in your space!
Have a great weekend, (()) Gail

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, I love it all, Char! And those baby shoes--adorable!! Such a gorgeous creative place...Happy Pink Saturday!! (It's so neat to be able to picture where you're doing all your creating--how fun!!!)


Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hello Miss Char....I had my pictures all taken and was ready to share me teeny tiny little creating room, but things came up and so it will have to wait until next year! :(
What a special room you have to create in....with all the lovely items with memories, no wonder you create such "pretties."
I enjoyed your post so much!
Hugs to you sweet friend!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Char,
Lots to see here... The things that I really took notice of were the baby shoes, adorable; the table, the basket you wove with the cute gingerbread man, and the pretty teacup. It's so nice to surround yourself with the things that bring you pleasure. Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for sharing.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love all the vintage elements in your craft room! So pretty!


romance-of-roses said...

Hi Char, Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. I think your working space is lovely and full of wonderful memories. Things that are close to your heart is important and that's what makes a house a home.

Cozy Home Scenes said...

The happy memories that you have with your family are captured in the "things" you have in your home. I love those all white houses, but I told someone earlier today that for most of us, they aren't really practical. Don't worry that your things aren't the "right" color. Your home is very homey and cozy!

Years ago, my Mom and I exprssed concern because all the ladies in our neighborhood hired decorators for their home, yet we did our house ourselves. There was a difference in our house vs. everyone else's house we saw.

Several of the ladies told us they liked our house better. Those perfect houses can feel impersonable. Yet they said it was clear that not only was our house pretty, but it was clearly a home. That's how your house is too.

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Char,

I had no idea your husband was in the Air Force...oh gosh, guess what? I'm an Air Force brat! My father put in 23 years active duty and retired. {I know he wishes that he had stayed longer} It was during the Vietnam war. Anyhow, it's a small world when you get down to it. I totally under your style and why it's that way. I grew up and kept traveling for one reason or another. When we bought this home 2 and a half years ago is when I quit traveling at 52 years old! I was on a plane at age 5 headed to the Philippine Islands. It's been a journey that no one other than another person that's done it can understand.

Anyhow, I got all carried away. {tee hee} Your studio is just perfect and cozy and inviting. Come by when you get a moment.

Have a wonderful day,

Stephanie Suzanne ♥
Queen of Dreamsz

The French Bear said...

Oh Char, it all looks amazing!!! I love your russian dolls and the nesting ones...I used to do that style of painting many moons ago too!!! If only we were closer! Love, love each and every corner of your space, so organized too....hmmm....wish I could say the same!!!!
Margaret B

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Love it Char ... like you am married to retired military, also my daddy was government service so we traveled a bit and I have bits and bobs from here and there that I treasure for the memories. I love to see a real "working" space. Sure the eye candy is nice but it just doesn't feel "real" to me. Love seeing the heart of a talented woman thank you for sharing.

Pat said...

I like your workspace, Char. Your collection of baby shoes is wonderful too!

Claudia said...

What an interesting life you've led, Char! I love that everything in your space has a story, a memory and those are the things you hold close to you. Love your space. Happy PS and WBC.

Anonymous said...

I really love your space, and the treasures that you have filled it with :) I loved reading the stories about them all! Thank you for sharing!


Shirl said...

Hello Char, what a pretty creative space you have. So many fun and interesting things! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
My Dad was in the Air Force for 20 years, we had a wonderful life while he was in there.
I have things also that remind me of places my husband and I have been.
Hugs, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Jo said...

So many beautiful treasures! Thank you for the tour.

sissie said...

Hi Char,
I love your creative space. It's full of all the things you love and that's what makes it special.


Anonymous said...

I just found you today,, I'm so glad I did because I just love your style,, every piece is a memory keeper,, and thats whats so special,,, thats how I fill my home as well,, love the tour of your home,, beautiful!!

Something Special said...

I love your coats and clarks box with those drawers. Such a great storage place. Is it Authentically old?

kluless said...

I understand exactly what you mean about the decorating "theme". I have the same problem. I find treasures and they don't fit with a theme but they are too cool to leave behind so home they come and into the art room they go!

Valery said...

What a beautiful studio showcasing all your wonderful collections. Love it all.

Terri said...

What a cozy creative space you have created for yourself...I'm sure many hours of crafting take place here. Truly a delightful tour of your room! TFS!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for showing off your creative space! I'm like you...no one style, just a lot of love throughout!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Donna said...

You can never have too much stuff, but the best stuff are the treasures of our heart!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Karen Valentine said...

Creating a space that represents who you are and the memories you have is what is really important. You can enjoy and admire lots of styles, but staying true to your style is what is going to make you the happiest! Thanks for sharing your wonderful room with us!!

Chrislyn said...

Hi Char,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I loved seeing where you create. i also like to surround myself with things that have a special meaning for me. Love the toy on your desk.



Debb McR said...

Hello Char - I am the lucky receipient of one of your tags from Karla Nathan's Bird Song Tag Swap. I love it. This was my first tag swap and it was so much fun.

Take care and keep creating.


Creative Grammie said...

You've created a wonderful space to create your art and enjoy your craft. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

Lynnae said...

Very nice space! I have the same feeling as you when I see those lovely white rooms. They are gorgeous but somehow mine always gravitate toward the colorful!