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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Easter Is Here And So Is Tuesday Treasures

Ok, you know at the first of the year when we make our New Year's resolutions and we promise ourselves all kinds of things that we don't keep? I usually promise myself that I am going to get into shape and loose weight, yeah, like that has ever worked out for me. Well, this year I made a promise to myself that I would stay in front of the holiday hustle of creating items for my website. No more staying up late when the holiday is here, trying to get things done. No, I am starting early and enjoying the holiday's when they get here. So far.......so good. I am done with Valentine's Day and on with Easter. I love Easter, it's one of my favorite holidays. The promise of spring and all the newness of life. The Resurrection and glory.
Above is a find for sure. I had forgotten that I had these charming and vintage jello molds with bunnies on them. So cute and could be left out all year, great for the Christmas tree too.
I couldn't resist a sweet tassel with a nest and painted wooden egg in it. Just too pretty. I sugared the egg with glass glitter and added some paper roses. I love this.

Easter wouldn't be Easter without a bunny. How about a cottage bunny? She too could be out all year long to enjoy. Vintage chenille hands and feet. I love the vintage chenille on her head and face, pink roses and green leaves.

Spring looks like it's here already in all this pink. Ribbons, roses and bows make up this cottage tassel. Paper roses at the top and bows, pretty fringes too.

How about an image taken from a vintage postcard and transformed onto an Easter pillow. I am loving the nest and eggs.

I came up with the idea of painting the nest white and then sugaring it with some glass glitter, eggs are sugared too.

The wooden eggs painted, sugared and decorated in a sweet wire basket. Easter has nothing on me this year. Still lots to do, but I feel that for once, I am ahead of the curve instead of trying to catch up.

A set of tags, all glittered and ready to go. Altho I have so much more to do, I wanted to take the time to show you that my resolution is working for me just fine. I hope I can keep up the pace and be able to sit back and enjoy the year, maybe learn some new things and enjoy life as it comes.
All these and more can be found on my website, someplaceinthyme.
The theme for Tuesday Treasures is "always be mine." Just click on my website to see what is listed this week. For more pretties, go to Shabbylaneshops and see what other vendors are showing you this week. And, don't forget to leave a comment on the Shabbylaneshops blog HERE, to be entered in the give a way. You won't be sorry.


CC said...

You are showing some of the most beautiful things ever..they're just gorgeous. However do you make these wonderful things? I am a crafter by nature and by heart,and ooo,how I wish my end product looked like this.. You're very,very talented..

Shirley said...

I love your Easter items especially the Easter Bunny who could decorate my antique rocker really well. I have a child's antique rocker that was my husband's dads when he was a child. In visiting the blogs, I can see so many things that I would love to have. A Missouri Friend

Heirlooms For You said...

Char, Good for you girl. Getting ahead of the game. What a concept. I would like to be that together. I did sell a bunny the other day to a lady for her new niece for Easter. But I have to admit it was last years bunny. Still, yeah for the sale. I love your tassels. Everyone of them are so pretty. Carol

Annesphamily said...

I am so jealous! I love that bunny! I never tire of bunnies This one is so cute & soft and pretty. Thanks and good luck finishing all your projects ahead of schedule.

Elyse said...

everything is so sweet. i especially adore the top image.


Anonymous said...

Eater is just around the corner! Bunnies, eggs, glittery, pastels - - - - -everything is pretty pretty pretty! :-) You have been busy.

I don't do resolutions :-) Somehow having a list of what to change makes it even seem more difficult to do LOL But I do like the fact that early months of the year makes you hopeful, as if everything is a possibility :-)



Looks like you are really ready for Easter. Everything is very lovely!!

Leann said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I love the glittered/sugared things - so very vintage looking.

You go girl!

xinex said...

I can't wait for Easter. Your lovely creations are making me even more impatient....Christine

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Everything is so pretty!!! Love it all!!!

Nancy said...

Oh, you have been so good. Again, all is just too pretty, but I do love that nest tassel.

I am working a regular work week on my items to see what happens. The "boss" is brutal! :-)

Thanks for sharing AZ with us, too. I love new areas, communities, and houses. What a great bike path you have there.