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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


If you were not born in the United States of America, you probably have no idea how vast she is. If you visit Europe, then you know many of the countries there would fit into the state of TX with lots of room left over. We are a nation of grandness, diverse beauty offering the world just about any type of culture and enviornment one can think of. No matter where you live, take it all in, it's there just waiting to be explored. WHERE do YOU think this picture was taken?
It snows in winter and there is skiing too.

My guess is that you are thinking, Kentucky, Tenn, West VA, or some other great state of ours, if that is the case, you are wrong. Keep guessing......

This is the view as far as the eyes can see. The elevation is over 6,000 feet, miles and miles of mountains, trees and some lakes. If you guessed the great state of AZ you are right! Somehow tho, I doubt you knew it, how many would guess that this is just under 2 hours out of Phoenix??

Miles and miles of trees. When we think of the desert and AZ, we think of dirt, dry, cactus and the sun shining 352 days out of the year. We don't think of skiing, snow, water, trees and mountains. They are all here tho......surprise!!

No matter where we live, we are blessed with beauty. God Bless America!!


Vicki said...

Hi, Char,
I was guessing Arizona! The reason why is that I grew up in New Mexico. And, like you said, many people just think of the hot, dry desert in NM (by the way, I think the desert is beautiful, too). However, there are many beautiful mountains in NM, too, just like Arizona. Can you believe I have never been to Arizona, even though I grew up right next door? I am going to get there one of these days! Thanks for such a beautiful post and thanks for dropping by for a visit. I always enjoy your company. Vicki

Mary said...

Is this Flagstaff or Prescott? I used to live in Az., but in Phoenix where it's hot. I never made it up to the cooler northern parts, but my family did, and told me about it's beauty. Also, my boyfriend at the time went up to the redwoods to work as a logger one summer, and he ended up moving there. Beautiful pictures!


Mimi said...

I knew it was AZ, as I live here!!!! I have been to all 50 states and of course our state is the most beautiful and unique!!!!
Love the Northern part the most, it is amazing!!!!
did not know you were a fellow AZ!!!!

stefanie said...

i didn't know that there were beatiful forest, how nice its not that far to drive

Anonymous said...

It is amazing....
America the Beautiful!!

Debbi said...

well I was thinking Colorado because you just got back from there! What a surprise--I have to AZ, but only to the desert part, so this was nice to see!

Lisa said...

Really cool! I wouldn't have guessed AZ! Thanks for educating me!
Hugs, Lisa

Brenda said...

You're right. I wouldn't have guessed there! I was thinking cactus and lots of barren ground. But it's just the opposite. It's quite beautiful.! (And by the way, even if you don't participate in Tablescape Thursday, it's fun to see what everyone has. On the weeks I don't have something to show, I'm still checking the others out. I thank you always for visiting me!)

Melody said...

Ohh Aww better than any old fireworks!

María Cecilia said...

Hi, a very beautiful place. And your blog in entirely wonderful.
I live up to 1080 mts over sea level, here in Chile, in the Cordillera de Los Andes, very south of the world.
Congratulation and thanks for your great posts.
María Cecilia

Say It With Roses said...

Well, you know you just made me very homesick, especially since Prescott was our home for several years....Were these pictures from Flagstaff?

Barb said...

I think it's Oregon. God's Country.

oops, don't anyone yell at me for that. It's just what everyone here calls it.

(suppose others call their states that too?) =0))

barbara jean