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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Gee it's hot! What's the temperature outside today? Oh I heard it's just going to be 114 degrees. I have to say that once it's 110, it may as well be 114 or 118, it's doesn't matter, hot is hot!! That means POOL TIME. I think we swim every day in the summer, you have to, it beats the heat, makes you feel better and it's relaxing too. Fun? Did someone say fun: you bet it is, especially when the grand children come over. That's the best.

This is the way to beat the heat of summer in the desert......just look at the smiling faces.

Popsicle, did someone say popsicle??? I think you are wearing yours Jenna........HA HA

Popsicle's in the pool is always a safe beat, no mess to clean up. Baby sister is wondering where hers is.....??

Daddy and his girls, life is good.

Jump on in, it's the best way to beat the heat!!! And so much fun too~


Anonymous said...

WOW... 114 degrees?!?!?!? We havent even broken 85 yet.... We are cool in NE Pa. but the upside of that is... We don't have to use the AC!!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Yes, I remember those temperatures when I lived in the Dallas area. A nice cool swim was always so refreshing!

Your Grand Children look like they are having so much fun! (so is their Daddy! ha!)

Great way to beat the heat!

Makes me want to dive in and play too!


Anonymous said...

As much as I can see how much fun to play in the waters in a hot summer day - I can't imagine myself just yet in that kind of a day :-( It'll be too cold jumping into the water with rain visiting us almost everyday :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Char for your comments.
Here, this summer, in the region of Paris, the temperatures are not high (77/80°F) so the flowers in my garden are still blooming.
But My God ! to have 115°F, I don't know if I could bear such heat, I will die surely ! I imagine a cool swimm must be welcome. Have a nice day, my dear. :o)

xinex said...

Refreshing! You definitely need that pool with a temp. of 114. Hope it cools off soon!..Christine

Debbi said...

now I could jump right in the pool!
Love the tea cups!

Rebecca said...

Yes...way to long between visits my friend. You must write soon and let me know how you are!


Love the teacups, too!

So happy to FIND YOU!


Bellamere Cottage said...

Hi Char!.........YIKES....that's WAY too hot for this gal. I always wonder...how can you even get into the car? Aren't the seats and steering wheel on fire? OUCH. Hopefully you'll get a little cooling spell soon. Oddly, it always seems that summer comes at about the end of July and lasts through September in the PNW. And, we often get an Indian summer in October. Lots of sunny, dry days.

Loved your teacups....especially the third one. Delish! And, your little sweeties? ADORABLE. You're so lucky to have a pool....

Hugs and Pink Saturday blessings,

Riet said...

Those teacups are lovely. LOve them all. I am glad to hear you like my country. It is good to live here. We have been to Arizona once long time ago and it was midsummer so also very hot. Thank goodness there was airco. And a pool in our friends garden.
Thank you for your visit

Martha said...

These are great pics, such a beautiful family. I loved your teacups for P.S. Thanks for your visit to my blog, Happy Day to you and yours.

Julia said...

What a lovey fanily, and I love your blog it's like having ice cream sundae with music in it!...xx

Marilyn in NM said...

Wow, Char, you swim in AZ in the "summer"? My niece lives in Chandler and they think it's "too hot" to swim when it's like 114.
No pool here. We save our swimming for AZ in the Fall. We usually go see my niece in October but may miss it this year by going to her Mom & Dad's in Oct. for their 40th anniversary. My DH grew up in Phoenix so we really enjoy going and visiting. It's nice to hear about AZ through blogs.
Marilyn in New Mexico (northwest new mexico...not quite as hot...lol)