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Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day Out There In My Garden

A little peek into one of my rose gardens. Everything is blooming now and looks so lovely. Please sit back and enjoy the view.
Oh My Gosh, doesn't THAT look good enough to eat?

Gee, I wonder what happened to that big, plump strawberry that was here a minute ago!!??

Not everything is roses, this is a gorgeous single bloom red hybiscus.

My pink tree rose is beginning to open with lots of blooms.

Pink Mini Tree Rose

My Honey Perfume tree rose, just heavenly......

My yellow tree rose.
My minature rose garden is looking beautiful right now.

My Jacob Ladder climbing rose. Lots and lots of thorns on this one, but the blooms and scent are worth it.
Just a few of the flowers on my meyer lemon tree. Boy, do they smell sooooo good!

We will have nectarines later this year, YUMMY YUM YUM

Can you see the fruit in there?? I am so excited!!


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Gorgeous! I'm finally figuring out how to blog and read my favorites in Google Reader! Woo Hoo! Love the sunshine, too. :-)

ArocaFamily said...

It looks like Eden, mother. Great green thumbing!

Anonymous said...

I love your roses! If only i could smell their sweet scent.

Did you just eat the strawberry? Very hard to resist the temptation, I guess :-)

sweet violets said...

Char, I just love your blog, thanks for sharing pics of your wonderful collections and beautiful flowers....so nice to see in our bleak winter/spring.....hugs...cleo

Debbi said...

Thanks for sharing Char! It will be mid June here in Oregon before we have all the beauty you are now experiencing, so this is a real treat today!

jenny said...

Lovely! Some of my roses are peeking out too, I'll have to post some photos too.

Mary said...

Your garden is beautiful; I'm green with envy! I miss having a rose garden! Enjoy your gorgeous, perfumed blooms!


amber peterson said...

Your yard is soo beautiful! Nice work, you and mother nature are a wonderful team. I need some of that green thumb talent! :)