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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas!!

We spend all year waiting, planning and trying to stay ahead of the holiday season. We plan parties, write our Christmas cards, wrap our gifts and want to be stress free. My hope for all of you reading this is that you accomplished those plans and are all ready for the big day. This year we are going to Cabo for a week. I had no choice but to get it all together, because when we return, there is no time and no looking back. It's over, and all that will be left is the what if's. My packages, or most of them, are bought, wrapped and under the tree. I have a ham in the refrigerator for dinner Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The one big thing that didn't get done this year are my Christmas cards. Yes! I will be taking them with me to have them completed and ready to mail as soon as we return.
I am already asking myself "where did the year go?" Hard to believe that 2008 is coming to an end. Every year I think it goes faster and faster, and with it goes another year of my life!!! At this rate I will be an old woman in no time....I have to admit, I enjoy life each and everyday. I often wonder what else can I do to enrich and enjoy the days to their fullest. You know how people say enjoy each day like it is your last? Well, no one ever says what you are suppose to do if you are already doing that!!! What comes next?? No matter how much you live life to it's fullest, love your self and your family, give to the less fortunate and try and do good deeds, father time comes and steals seconds, minutes and hours from your day. There just is never enough of it.
My advice is this, just have fun this holiday, stay safe, enjoy yourselves, don't worry about eating too much because you already know that you will. You can worry about it during the New Year when you yet again have a chance to make all those resolutions you won't keep anyway. My big promise to myself was to lose weight, me and every other woman out there. It's Dec. and I still haven't lost anything!!! So it begins again, I will get more exercise, eat less and get healthy....yeah right!!!


Many Shades of Shabby by Devonia said...

Char, I love this post and believe me, I *needed* your right-on reminder that the big picture is more important than all of the stressful details. If I don't get back before "then", Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful, safe trip.

My bests,

amber peterson said...

Hi Mom! Your blog looks so great, with music and all. I put it in my favorites, so I can check in often. Thank you for an amazing Christmas, it was so nice. Love you! Amber

HeatherKBan said...

Hello Char! Hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog-Amber sent me your address! We need to get her to do a blog so we can see pictures of Allie and Jenna! You have such darling grandchildren!